Lost in the Cosmos

A Commission by Peggy Fox from the Maryland Transit Authority

In creating and designing this ten foot by two-hundred foot public mural, I wanted to give people something to think about as they waited for the train. I decided to make a visual toy of travel. I latered images and patterns, intersecting planes and fractured dimensions. The viewer, like Alice in Wonderland, is drawn into a story of star dancers, an elopement on the subway and a cow jumping over the moon.

I collaged my own photographs with star maps and produced 30"x40" black and white prints. The prints were then painted, scanned, screened and fired on 4'x10' porcelain panels. This resulted in a permanent wall, resistant to damage by the elements and cleaning.

I collaborated with the architectural/engineering team, from the initial planning stages, integrating the work into the architectural design. Elements of the mural repeat those chosen for other areas of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Terminal.

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