Morality Tales Prints, Archival pigment prints and painted Gelatin silver prints

"Dreamland" Painted gelatin silver print 40x60"

"Dreamland" Painted gelatin silver print

"Que Pase?" with painted mat 24x45"
"Magician" handpainted gelatin silver print 30x40"
"One Two Storm King" archival pigment print with painted mat 22x23"
"Warrior" painted archival silver print 74x51'
"You Can't Jump over Your Own Shadow" painted archival silver print
"Venus de Taos" archival pigment print 8.5x11
St Simon Stylites Syrian  Saint sat upon a pillar for 37 years this is actual church & what remains of the pillar.years
"Stalker" archival pigment print with painted mat 22x25"

Archival pigment prints